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DBF BODY FILLER is a general purpose filler for use in the automotive and tooling industries for repairs.  TDS   SDS

 DBF LITE is designed for use when fast pot life is required. It is also designed so that it can be spread smoothly and can be sanded and shaped for several days.  TDS   SDS

                                                                                                            DBF FIBERGLASS is a putty reinforced with fiberglass strands. This putty is designed to be used where a strong, waterproof putty is needed.         TDS   SDS

40200 White is a strong iso based putty designed for use in the repair 
of automotive, marine, and other fiberglass and metal items.                    TDS   SDS 

40250 is a white, fiberglass reinforced, adhesive putty, designed for use where A fast gel time is desired.   TDS   SDS

                                                                                                          40100 HT BLACK AND GRAY is used where a higher heat distortion temperature  is needed than standard putties can provide.                                                   BLACK  TDS   SDS     GRAY  TDS   SDS