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DBF can creates custom adhesive that meet the varying needs of our customers. Contact us today to discuss your adhesive needs.

40100 HT Black and Gray is used where a higher heat distortion temperature is needed than standard putties can provide.                                                                 BLACK  TDS   SDS  /  GRAY  TDS   SDS

60141 Black is a pump able, black pigmented, medium weight, low viscosity putty excellent for fillet, radius, fairing.  TDS   SDS

60148 is an 8 pound/gallon fillet putty with excellent adhesive properties.   TDS   SDS

71000 is a low viscosity adhesive designed to be used in tight corners.      TDS   SDS

72200 is a non-flowing, polyester adhesive with improved flow, spread, and hang characteristics. It cab be used as a radius, fill or for fairing. This product displays excellent vertical hang properties and also spreads and feathers smoothly.    TDS    SDS